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Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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Find a Dental Clinic in South Edmonton

Bring your family to Southgate Dental Centre in Edmonton for a full range of general and esthetic dentistry services. Our dental clinic in South Edmonton welcomes patients of all ages, from children as young as six months to seniors.

From routine cleanings and composite fillings to veneers and oral cancer screenings, our clinic is well-equipped with the latest technology and equipment for thorough diagnosis and treatment. Located near the Southgate Centre Mall, our facility, built in 2002, features many modern amenities including TV and headsets in every room for your comfort.

New patients are always warmly welcomed, and we do our best to accommodate all emergency appointments. Call Southgate Dental Centre to learn more about our dental procedures or to schedule a visit.

Friendly & Inviting Atmosphere
Southgate Dental Centre strives to provide a comfortable and friendly environment to all our patients. We have been serving the Edmonton area since 1985 and have six dentists, six hygienists, and more than twenty members in our supporting staff. You will always find familiar faces and friendly conversation ready to greet you.

For an appointment at our dental clinic in south Edmonton, call us today!

Payment Options

During the past 40 years, dental benefits plans have become an integral part of health care planning for many families. But remember, your dental plan is not a treatment plan. You should not allow your dental plan to dictate the care you receive. Only you and your dentist can decide the treatment plan that fits your specific needs and circumstances.

Payment for services is normally due at the time of treatment unless other arrangements have been made.

For patients with a dental benefit plan, we will complete all dental claim forms on your behalf, or where possible submit your claim electronically to your insurance provider. We now accept assignment of your dental plan benefits as payment or partial payment on your account.

Currently we find that there are three payment options that patients prefer to use at our office:

  1. Using a credit card to pay the account in full at each appointment, to take advantage of credit card payment terms and their reward programs.
  2. Paying the account in full – 30 days from now, with either a postdated cheque or a postdated credit card payment.
  3. Assignment of dental insurance benefits to the clinic, with a credit card on file to pay for insurance claim balances.

We will be happy to discuss any special needs in the handling of your account. We accept cash, cheques, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Bank Debit Cards. In addition, the dentists are willing to consider payment plans, including the use of monthly payments or prepayments for your visits.