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The Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

Do you often “forget” to floss? Many people find flossing difficult, painful and time consuming. However, good oral hygiene is important to prevent cavities and gum disease. The dentists at Southgate Dental Centre in South Edmonton recommend cleaning between your teeth daily to remove bacteria and food particles that a toothbrush alone can’t reach.

Water flossers, like the Waterpik®, parallel the benefits of traditional floss, while providing patients with a more viable long-term solution for getting rid of embedded plaque. 

What is a Water Flosser?
Also referred to as an oral irrigator or a dental water jet, a water flosser is a device that uses pulsating, pressurized jets of water to flush out food particles trapped between teeth. Studies have shown that it’s 50 per cent more effective in reducing gingivitis than traditional dental floss.

What are the Benefits?
For years, dentists have preached the importance of flossing because it allows you to go where no toothbrush (electric or manual) has gone before: under the gum line where plaque forms. However, flossing, which uses a thin nylon or plastic filament, can be irritating for people with sensitive gums and can often cause chronic bleeding. Here are four reasons why you should consider incorporating a water flosser in your daily oral care routine:
  • Less abrasive. Water flossers are much more gentle on the gums and thus, less likely to cause inflammation or bleeding. 
  • Improves gum health. Water flossers remove plaque, bacteria and food particles lodged in those hard-to-reach areas, reducing the risk of gingivitis and other gum-related disease. 
  • Cleans deep. Dentists will often recommend oral irrigation for people who have active gum disease because unlike string floss, water flossers delve deep into periodontal pockets. 
  • Ideal for braces. Orthodontic appliances make good dental care challenging because they act as barriers to regular cleaning devices. Water flossers, on the other hand, are an excellent alternative for people with braces because the jet stream penetrates the wire to flush out leftover food particles that lead to plaque buildup. 

The best way to win the war against early tooth decay is to brush twice a day and floss at least once. Do you experience red, swollen gums every time you thread floss between your teeth? Water flossing is a quick, efficient and painless alternative that’s effective in fighting plaque and other tough-to-clean bacterial layers that eat away at your tooth’s enamel.

Visit Your South Edmonton Dentist at Southgate Dental Centre

While at-home dental care is an excellent step in ensuring the long-term health of your teeth, regular visits to your South Edmonton dentist are just as important for early screenings of disease and personalized preventive care. 

If you’re looking for a well-rounded dentist in South Edmonton that offers general dentistry solutions for the whole family, call Southgate Dental to schedule a visit. All dental services are provided by general dentists.
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