CEREC® Crowns for South Edmonton Patients

Get One-Hour Crowns from Southgate Dental Centre

Southgate Dental Centre provides an alternative to traditional restorative treatments that’s equipped to suit your busy lifestyle: CEREC® crowns.

What are CEREC® Crowns?

In dentistry, crowns are small, durable caps that fit over a damaged or weakened tooth to restore its strength and appearance. CEREC® crowns are a new type of crown treatment. These caps are particularly heavy-duty, as they are made out of a single block of resinous material. You can get CEREC® crowns right here in our Edmonton offices in a single appointment.

One-Appointment Crowns

Traditional crowns must be made by a third-party lab, meaning that your dentist has to take an impression of your teeth, fit you with a temporary crown, and have you come back at a later date to replace it with the final product. The technology behind CEREC® crowns allows our specialists to skip the middleman and create your crowns from start to finish without ever having to leave the office, thus eliminating the need for complicated steps and multiple appointments.

What to Expect

During the appointment required for your new CEREC® crowns, one of our dentists will start by photographing the tooth that requires treatment, as well as the surrounding teeth. Then, using special computer software, he or she will design the perfect crown, using data pulled from the photos to ensure it matches your other teeth in terms of colour, shape, etc.

Do I Need CEREC® Crowns?

The following situations are likely to require crowns. Visit us at Southgate Dental Centre in Edmonton to find out if CEREC® crowns are right for you, especially if:

  • One of your teeth is particularly weak, which can occur naturally or be triggered by large fillings.
  • You have any number of cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth.
  • You’ve recently undergone a root canal procedure that needs covering up.
  • You’ve had one or more missing teeth replaced by a crown or bridge.

Learn More about One-Hour Appointment Crowns

Ready to speak to Southgate Dental about CEREC® crowns in Edmonton? Our team is standing by. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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