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Gum Disease, Gingivitis Treatment & More

Periodontic Dentistry

At Southgate Dental Centre, we understand that your oral health concerns are more than just your teeth. That’s why we offer periodontic dentistry, or gum disease treatment. We create a thorough dental hygiene regiment to prevent periodontal diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis. This is why routine teeth cleanings are important. Not only can we detect early stages of diseases, but cleanings combat plaque, tartar, and other harmful bacteria that have accumulated.

Gingivitis Treatment

Southgate Dental Centre also offers gingivitis treatment to patients throughout the region. Our dental team will work with you to evaluate your overall health and discuss a gingivitis treatment plan that can help resolve your issues.

TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ Dysfunction concerns the jaw, jaw joint, and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing. Southgate Dental Centre has the equipment to accurately diagnose and treat TMJ Dysfunction.

Issues with your jaw are often a result of teeth bruxism, or grinding and clenching. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth or biting things such as ice, pencils, or fingernails, TMJ Dysfunction may result. Let our clinic treat the habit and prevent any discomfort in your jaw, joint, and facial muscles.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is available from Southgate Dental Centre. The most common surgery we perform includes wisdom teeth extraction, but we can offer extractions for other impacted or decayed teeth if necessary. We provide proper pre- and post-care instructions for your surgery to prevent dry sockets, infection, and other oral health issues.

Laser Dentistry

South Dental Centre employs the VersaWave, a soft tissue laser, for specific oral therapies. For additional information on what our laser dentistry covers, contact our Edmonton clinic.

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